Growing up

When I was younger I often wondered what “being grown up” meant. It seemed as though I was already grown up at 16. I had a job, paid for my own gas etc. and my parents generally trusted me to do what should be done. As I grew older I looked back and realized that each time I thought I was “grown up” I wasn’t really and that now maybe I was. Well I’ve grown even older still, as tends to happen, and recently reached the point where I have a house with my new wife and our two ferocious basenji dogs. I spend thousands on things like a fence for our dogs, installed new ceiling fans and other items to make our home nicer and yet I can still look back a year or two and feel that my idea of “grown up” was in fact childish. Does this ever go away? Will I one day look back and feel that this was a silly notion to begin with? These things I do not know, but hopefully writing this down will help me set it aside and just live without trying to achieve things which I’ve been led to believe are
indicative of being “grown up”.

I did not intend to write such a long piece about nothing, but I seem to have more to say about this than I originally knew.


Song of the day:
Sail by AWOLNATION (Thanks Vikings)


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