work all night if you have to. the magpie comes at noon.

So this is the first blog post in what is hopefully a long and productive set of blogs. I’ve chosen to ignore just about everything that WordPress has advised me to do, such as to pick 1 topic and construct the entire blog around that idea as. The way I see it, using these cookie-cutter design points and ideas ruin the individuality of blogs and just adds to the ever-growing list of blogs that are used essentially as advertisements for someone/thing. This blog isn’t the fill-in-the-blank type, the only “goal” that exists is to muse on life and other topics of interest to me (and hopefully you if you’re reading it). So for those who just want a single blurb to describe the topic of this entire blog: Life, as I see, live and react to it.

Song of the Moment:

Magpie by The Mountain Goats


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